Avoid plagiarism

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism occurs when all or part of another person's work or ideas is presented as one's own, or used without giving credit to the original author or source.  Even if unintentional, plagiarism constitutes a serious academic offense.

Tips to Help You Avoid Plagiarism

Make sure you understand the material you've obtained through your research.  This makes it easier to write about it in your own words, and to come up with your own thoughts and views about the material.

Keep track of all your sources as you do your research.  Save copies of articles, write down citations, or add to your bibliography as you do your paper.  If you're not sure whether you should cite something, check one of the books or links listed below. 

Know how to cite your references using the citation style required for your course.  See How do I cite sources? for some helpful tips.  Try using RefWorks to format in-text citations and create bibliographies. 

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to do a complete bibliography.  If you rush this step to get your paper done on time, you could easily miss a reference and be accused of plagiarism.

In-Library Resources:

Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide 13th ed.  LB2369 .L4 2010

The Little, Brown Handbook 9th ed.  PE1112 .F64 2004

A Canadian Writer's Refernce 4th ed.  PE1408 .H268 2008

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Quick Access: Simon & Schuster Reference for Writers 2nd Canadian ed. PE1408 .T6955 2004

Additional Information:

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