Guide to printing from a laptop with PrinterOn

PrinterOnThe PrinterOn service will only work at the College Drive campus.

I already know how to print from a laptop. Take me there.

It's a five-step process. Here's what you'll see...

Step 1 : Select the Library printer of your choice.

Step 2 : Select the document you want to print by using the Browse... button.
If you've opened the document from an e-mail, it might be easiest to save a copy to your Desktop or Documents folder.

Wireless printing, step 2

Step 3 : Select your print options. At this time, only Letter paper is available.

Wireless printing, step three

Step 4 : Submit or cancel.

Wireless printing, step four

Step 5 : You document is on it's way to the Puffin print release station located in the 1st floor Learning Commons. You'll need a student card or Cash Card with money on it to print the document. If you haven't done this before, ask the Library staff to show you how.

Wireless printing, step five


Now I'm ready to print!