Library Services - In Person

Both the Harris Learning Library and the Commerce Court Library offer a variety of in-person services, including those listed below.

Harris Learning Library

  • Research help (also available remotely) - please contact the Information Desk (705-474-3450 x 4221) for details 
  • Resources including books, kits, DVDs, audiobooks, puppets and more - please contact the Circulation desk (705-474-3450 x 4222) for details
  • Study rooms (first come, first served)
  • Desktop computers (Windows only)
  • Free WiFi
  • Photocopying and printing in both black and white (10 cents/pg), and colour (50 cents/pg), is available in the Learning Commons.  Payment is made by loading money on your student / staff card from either the self serve machine in the Learning Commons or at the Circulation Desk.
  • Self serve flatbed scanner (max. size 11 x 14)
  • Microfilm / microfiche reader and printer
  • VHS / DVD viewing station

Commerce Court Library

  • General assistance (also available remotely) - please phone 705-474-7601x 5614 during open hours for questions, borrowing or searching assistance
  • Desktop computers (Windows only) 
  • Printing (Black and White) is available for free.  There are no photocopiers in the Library.
  • Self serve flatbed scanner (max. size 8.5 x 12)
  • VHS / DVD viewing station