Staff directory

Name Position Phone number Department(s) E-mail
Laura Sinclair Librarian 705-474-3450 x4444 Information Desk | Liaison Librarians
Nancy Black Executive Director, Library 705-474-3450 ext 4220 Executive
Janet Coates Secretary to Executive Director 705-474-3450 ext 4227 Executive
Ed Driedger Manager, Archives & Access Services 705-474-3450 x4545 Archives and Special Collections | Technical Services | Liaison Librarians
Gail Driedger Library Technologist 705-474-3450 x4904/4221 Information Desk
Michelle Conrad Library Technician (Serials) 705-474-3450 ext. 4128 Technical Services | Circulation Desk
Arlene Jackson Library Technician (Course Reserves,AV Desk,Circulation) 705-474-3450 x4468/4222 Technical Services | Circulation Desk
Leslie Larocque Library Technician (Reference, Circulation) 705-474-3450 ext. 4221,4222 Information Desk | Circulation Desk
Tanya McCubbin Library Clerk 705-474-3450 ext 4222 Circulation Desk
Hillary Neill Library Technician (Off-Campus/Information Literacy/Reference) 705-474-3450 ext 4531/4221 Information Desk
Dianne Newman Library Technician (Circulation, Commerce Court) 705-474-7600 x5614 Information Desk
Susan Ostojic Library Technician (Acquisitions, Circulation) 705-474-3450 ext 4380/4222 Technical Services | Circulation Desk
Karin Robertson Library Technician (Acquisitions) 705-474-3450 ext. 4150 Technical Services | Circulation Desk
Johanna Tapper Library Technician (Interlibrary Loans) 705-474-3450 x4135 Interlibrary Loan | Circulation Desk
Stefan Phillips Library Technician - Circulation, Overdues and Technical Services 705-474-3450 ext 4570 Technical Services | Circulation Desk
Katie McCaskill Library Technician (Reference) 705-474-3450 ext 4222 Information Desk
Rebecca Kasperavicius Electronic Resources Librarian 705-474-3450 ext 4190 Information Desk | Liaison Librarians
Sheila Mathe Library Clerk (Circulation) 705-474-3450 ext 4222 Circulation Desk
Chris Bannon Library Technician (Reference) 705-474-3450 ext 4221 Information Desk
Melissa Kenney Library Clerk 705-474-3450 x 4222 Circulation Desk
Chaylyn Cruise Library Clerk 705-474-3450 x 4222 Circulation Desk
Erin Russell Library Clerk 705-474-3450 x 4222 Circulation Desk