Data Archiving

Data repositories offer a place for long-term storage/preservation of data and associated documentation for future access and use by yourself or other researchers –one of the primary purposes of Research Data Management. Repositories also relieve researchers from having to manage and fulfill requests to share data, since they facilitate user discovery, retrieval, and use.

When choosing a repository, first determine whether your funding agency (if you’ve received funding from one) has specific requirements related to where you must deposit your data.

If not, consider consulting one of the following repositories:

Locally-recognized data repositories

Scholars Portal Dataverse

Hosted completely on secure Canadian servers at the University of Toronto Libraries, Dataverse is a publicly accessible data repository, open to Nipissing researchers to deposit and openly share research data with anyone in the world. It facilitates long-term access, persistent identifiers, and long-term preservation, as well as the creation of custom restrictions to control access to your research data.

There is a Nipissing-specific Dataverse for Nipissing researchers, within which you can add your research data. To do so: 1) Create a Dataverse account by selecting “Sign Up” from the top menu of the Nipissing University Dataverse, 2) Login, and from the Nipissing University Dataverse, select “Add Data,” 3) Choose to either add a new Dataverse or add a dataset. 

More detailed instructions below: 

The Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR)

Researchers affiliated with a Canadian institution are able to deposit their research data at no cost. It is meant for large data, with sign in available with Google or ORCID. Researchers can also search FRDR for research data sets deposited by research at other Canadian institutions, or for data deposited to other repositories across Canada.  

TSpace Institutional Repository

A collection has been created within the University of Toronto’s institutional repository, which currently serves as Nipissing’s institutional repository. The platform collects, preserves, and makes accessible research outputs existing in a wide variety of formats. 
To deposit your data in the institutional repository:  1) Follow the link on this page, 2) select the login button in the top right corner and create a TSpace only account, 3) Respond with your institutional affiliation to the email prompt, 4) Login to your account, and start a submission.

Directories for finding data repositories

A registry of research data repositories, containing over 2000.

Open Access Directory

Maintained by Simmons College, this directory is a list of repositories and databases for open data.