Guide to installing Mac OSX Print Drivers for the Black/White Print Station in the Library - 1st Floor


1 –  Click on the Apple Icon, select ‘System Preferences’, then click on the ‘Print & Scan’ icon.





2 – Click on the ‘+’ sign to add a new printer, and then click on the ‘IP’ option at the top.





3 – Enter the following information in the fields provided:


Protocol =  Line Printer Daemon – LPD

Address =

Queue = Library Floor 1 BW

Name = Library Floor 1 BW

Location = Learning Commons

Print Using = Generic PostSctipt Printer



4 – Click ‘Add’, and then click ‘OK’






You should now have a new printer in your printer list called ‘Library Floor 1 BW’.





You should now be able to print to the black and white printer, in the Learning Commons of the Library.

  • Printing to this printer will cost $0.10 per page.