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Introducing Omni : A New Academic Search Tool from 14 Ontario University Libraries


The Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Omni, an academic search tool that connects the libraries of 14 of Ontario’s universities. Omni goes live on December 13th, 2019.

An outcome of OCUL’s Collaborative Futures initiative, Omni is powered by the skills and expertise of team members from 14 Ontario university libraries.  Omni users will experience access to a collection of diverse, high-quality academic research resources, enabling them to confidently develop new insights in their areas of study and succeed in their research goals.
Omni brings OCUL’s mission to life: advancing research, teaching, and learning by collaborating at scale. By sharing expertise at university libraries across Ontario, Omni partners will provide users with efficient access to information in every field of study, and ensure the ongoing sustainability of shared resources; users will have access to quality resources.

“I am thrilled that we are working together to enable research and learning across the province with extensive and consistent access to library materials,” says Joy Kirchner, OCUL Chair and Dean of Libraries at York University. “Omni will both support a robust scholarly community in Ontario, and help our library staff develop meaningful connections with colleagues.”

“OCUL has a long history of collaborating and sharing our resources,” says Pascal Calarco, Chair of the Collaborative Futures Steering Committee and University Librarian at the University of Windsor. “Omni brings that tradition forward into 2020, providing the students of today and tomorrow with the vast array of resources and intuitive online experience they’ve come to expect in their research.”
The Omni brand reflects the expansive scope of resources available to its users, as well as the continuous collaboration that drives its success. Omni will go live on December 10, 2019; additional services will follow in 2020. Omni employs Ex Libris’s Alma library software system and Primo VE discovery system. 
Stay tuned for further updates, or contact Ed Driedger ( or Nancy E. Black ( for more information.