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$subunit Bibliography of English Women Writers 1500-1640 features scholarship on more than 700 recovered women writers and located texts, including both familiar figures and unknown writers.

$subunit Bibliography of Native North Americans covers a wide range of topics related to Native North American culture, history, and life including archaeology, multicultural relations, gaming, governance, legend, and literacy

$subunit Biography and Genealogy Master Index provides coverage of nearly 5 million contemporary and historical figures.

$subunit$subunit$subunit Bioline International provides access to bioscience journals published in developing countries on a variety of topics including public health, international development, tropical medicine, food and nutritional security and biodiversity.

$subunit BioOne Complete provides full-text access to journals in biology, ecology and environmental sciences.

$subunit Birds of the World content is written by ornithologists all over the world and was amassed from four major celebrated works of ornithology: Birds of North America, The Handbook of Birds of the World, Neotropical Birds, and Bird Families of the World. It provides image and video galleries showing behaviors, habitat, nests, eggs and nestlings as well as recordings of bird songs and calls.

$subunit Black Drama: 1850 to Present contains plays, related production information, playbills, photographs, and more. It includes playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries.

$subunit Black Thought and Culture is a collection of full text books, articles, letters, interviews, speeches and other non-fiction resources by leading African Americans (teachers, artists, politicans, religious leaders, atheletes, vetrans, entertainers and others ) from colonial times to the present.

$subunit Book Review Index includes review citations and links to full-text reviews.

$subunit$subunit Books @ Ovid contains full-text E-books covering Nursing and Clinical Medicine.

$subunit British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries: 1500 to 1950 features the diaries and correspondence of hundreds of British and Irish women including biographies and annotated bibliographies from the 16th to the mid-20th century.

$subunit$subunit Business Source Complete provides shortcuts to business videos, company profiles, industry profiles, and market research reports. Additional coverage includes full text content from peer-reviewed business journals, trade publications, magazines, SWOT analyses, and country reports. See full entry for Business Source Complete .

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