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$subunit ON-Core contains over 10,000 video segments and 4700 full video titles; new content is added weekly and K-12 Ontario curriculum correlations are on-going.

$subunit$subunit Ontario Citator Service features all Acts and regulations from the 1990 consolidation, plus all new Acts and regulations, as well as history and case links to the Ontario Statute Citator.

$subunit$subunit$subunit Open Library eCampusOntario's Open Library provides access to more than 250 free and openly-licensed educational resources.

$subunit$subunit$subunit Open-Access Text Archive hosted by the Internet Archive offers permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.

$subunit OPHEA - Health and Physical Education Curriculum Resources: Grades 1-12 provides lesson plans, planning schedules, writable assessment tools and links to supplemental resources to support the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum expectations.

$subunit Oral History Online provides audio, video and full text access to collections of Oral History in English from around the world along with pointers to free audio and video files available on the Internet.

$subunit$subunit$subunit OurOntario.ca Community Newspapers Collection provides access to the backfiles of historical newspapers in Ontario as well as photographs, maps, oral histories, government documents and more. See full entry for OurOntario.ca Community Newspapers Collection .

$subunit$subunit Ovid Healthstar : 1966 to present provides information from MEDLINE and focuses on both clinical and non-clinical health care delivery. It covers health services, technology, administration and research.

$subunit$subunit Ovid [all databases] allows cross-searching of all Ovid databases, CINAHL, Journals@Ovid, Books@Ovid, EBM Reviews, MEDLINE, and Healthstar.

$subunit Oxford English Dictionary is a historical dictionary that covers the development of the English language. It includes detailed entries for words from 1150 CE to the present.

$subunit Oxford Journals Online contains journals published by Oxford University Press covering a variety of academic disciplines.

$subunit$subunit Oxford Reference Online Premium is a comprehensive collection of subject dictionaries and encyclopedias covering a variety of fields from the Oxford University Press. It also includes English and bilingual dictionaries.

$subunit Oxford Scholarship Online offers academic books from Oxford University Press.

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