Recommended computer configurations

The recommended software and settings for using the Library website and E-resources are listed below. Using these settings and loading this software may solve problems.


We recommend using the current versions of Microsoft Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. Firefox and Chrome are the recommended browsers for Mac users or anyone experiencing problems with other browsers.

Keep in mind that the newer versions of browsers not only have newer features, but they also often fix bugs, especially those dealing with Internet security.

Popup blockers should be turned off or configured to allow Library and E-resources sites.


Many of the Research Databases use cookies. You will need to have them enabled to use the Research Databases.

Cookie blockers should be turned off or configured to allow Library and E-resources sites to place cookies on your browser.

See this helpful article from Google on Enabling cookies for your specific browser.

Clearing Cache

When encountering difficulties, you may be asked by Library staff to clear your cache or delete your cookies, or may see these instructions in a help file. See this helpful article from Google on Clearing your Browser's Cache and deleting your Cookies for your specific browser.


Use a browser that supports JavaScript and make sure you have JavaScript enabled. See this helpful article from Google on Enabling JavaScript for your specific browser.


Some E-resources require Java. When using E-resources, you may be asked to allow to run Java on your browser. If in doubt, send us a help request.

To find out what version of Java you have, go to In the middle of the screen, you should see a pink box that lists the vendor and version of Java that you are currently using. Here is a link with instructions for enabling Java.

Flash Player

A current version of Flash Player is required for some databases. The software download is free and the web site provides instructions for installation.